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Humanit Slovakia

Helping the socially weaker


Who we are

About us

The goal of Humanit no is to strive for the greatest possible resocialization of homeless people who depend on help, who have already felt the consequences of their unfavorable life situation first-hand and want to change their situation, but they can not do it and create a comprehensive social assistance system that minimizes the growth of other people. with a similar fate.

Ways of our help

Noble work and perseverance

Humanit Slovakia works in the field of change and shaping lives. The work we do in our non-profit organization is focused on providing quality access to address some of our company's biggest challenges. We ensure that our clients are motivated to create their own self-development opportunities.

Free Range Poultry Farm

Inclusion of homeless people

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those who need it. With access to the right resources and contacts, people can demonstrate their own abilities and gain confidence to fulfill their potential.

Breeding as a process of self-knowledge

Given the mission of our organization, we are trying to find new strategies for financial savings. Therefore, we decided to create conditions for our own mini farm, where clients  in addition to occupational therapy, they may also react. We believe that the way to successful integration into society is self-confidence, which they can gain even by simple noble breeding.

Holding Hands

"The secret of change is not in fighting what happened, but in building what will happen."


Contact us

Kalnická cesta 21, 934 01 Levice, Slovakia

Office: +421 951 593 048, Dormitory: +421 951 593 049

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