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Our story

Behind the scenes

Here at Humanit Slovakia, we are committed to investing our expertise and resources to further our goals. The founders have been supporting members of our community in a variety of ways since 2008, and we measure our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measures such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts.

Working towards a better tomorrow

The goal of Humanit no is to strive for the greatest possible resocialization of homeless people who depend on help, who have already felt the consequences of their unfavorable life situation first-hand and want to change their situation, but they can not do it and create a comprehensive social assistance system that minimizes the growth of other people. with a similar fate.

Target group:


  1. homeless citizens - homeless people

  2. social exclusion of the citizen or at risk of social exclusion

  3. marginalized Roma community


1. the majority of the population living on the edge of poverty

In the town of Levice, we operate the Shelter for the Homeless and the Dormitory, where we provide homeless people with social work through our trained social workers. Homeless people need a social worker to process identity documents, material deprivation benefits, old-age pensions and other important things.

In the district town of Levice (38 thousand inhabitants) there are about 150 homeless citizens.

Homelessness is a social problem and its importance is currently growing. It is true that this issue is serious but also little known. We can state that before 1989, homelessness did not exist. Anyone who did not work or stayed permanently in the previous regime was prosecuted for bailing out. Even in this mode, there was certainly this problem called. hidden form, it was just not made public and not addressed.

After 1989 in connection with  extensive social and  economic phenomenon, this phenomenon has emerged publicly.  Since that year, the number of homeless people has started to increase rapidly.

Homelessness, as an extreme form of social existence, is undoubtedly a socially pathological phenomenon, which is often associated with negative social phenomena such as. childhood in a problem family, contact with problem individuals and the environment in which crime, alcoholism and other addictions occur.  It is for this reason that most citizens look at the homeless with a negative view.

Our project is designed to be in  as part of helping the homeless citizen has gradually proved to the general public that a negative attitude towards  this phenomenon can turn into belonging, compassion and  concrete help for another.

Management, financial activities (processing of collections, gifts, subsidies as well as advertising) are provided by the director of the organization Dávid Turian, the founders Ing. Eva Turianová and Ladislav Molnár, who have many years of experience in the social sphere. They ensure social functionality and completeness of operation  next  qualified persons. Experienced staff with good opinions were selected for the operation.

In cooperation with the civic association Human International, we manage the supply of food and other materials for development in socially disadvantaged groups in the Nitra region. We work closely with Austrian humanitarian companies such as ORA International, HIFA Austria, Hilfe für Osteuropa based in Austria as well as Hifa Hungaria in Hungary. The value of imported consignments often exceeds millions.

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